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Dear Friends,

RMN Stars is not just another website to give you some information about films or TV shows. Rather, the site is launched to address a burning need in the entertainment world – the need to create a solid bridge that will connect all stakeholders in the entertainment ecosystem.

Today, oblivious to consumers’ needs, content companies are providing what they have rather than what consumers want. This demand-supply mismatch is going to result in a catastrophic implosion in the entertainment industry while content providers are already struggling to survive in the world that is undergoing a paradigm shift.

RMN Stars will particularly continue to act as a strong interface between the worldwide entertainment consumers and content providers. The idea behind the launch of RMN Stars is to help content companies know the consumers’ changing needs and structure their content to meet those needs.

At a time when consumers are already facing an information overload from multiple sources and surfeit of frontend devices, RMN Stars will serve as a complete online destination to provide the most relevant knowledge to the stakeholders in the entertainment world so the entire industry could grow.

Besides conventional buyers and sellers, RMN Stars features new filmmakers, actors, singers, musicians, directors, models, and others from the film and TV industries or the world of glamor. You can contact us to promote your work through the “Your Work” section on the site.

Being the Web property of RMN Company, which is an integrated technology media and entertainment company, RMN Stars will particularly focus on the technology media channels along with the traditional forms of content creation and delivery.

Let’s stay connected.

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