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Raman Media Network: Connecting Communities

Raman Media Network (RMN) Company is a privately held venture, working in diversified content creation, management, and distribution businesses on a global scale.

While content for the mass markets is the backbone of its operations, it is building allied businesses around multiple content streams.

Business Activities

  • The company’s business activities cover three essential components: Content, Communications, and Commerce
  • Focus business areas: Online Content, Publishing, Digital Media Campaigns, Films
  • Business being managed by Rakesh Raman, who has 20 years of experience with leading media/content companies
  • Specialization in content management for traditional media as well as digital/new-media  
  • Future business activities will include content and brand communications strategy design for online virtual worlds and Semantic Web

Current Projects

  • Launched in July 2010, we are running a comprehensive global online news service. Covering diverse segments of activity, the site discusses the burning issues that have immediate impact on various governments, businesses, and the lives of commoners
  • Launched an edutainment site for children – RMN Kids – in 2011
  • In 2012, we have launched our technology business site – RMN Digital
  • Launched in February 2014, RMN Stars Web property covers the global entertainment world
  • The company is publishing its books to be sold in the global markets
  • Working on a global entertainment project Robojit and the Sand Planet, which is suitable for a Hollywood movie, a digital video game, animation film, TV series, and a comic book
  • Offering end-to-end Digital Marketing Services to help entertainment companies and other brands leverage digital, new-media including social media and realize the benefits of online communities

You can visit our corporate website to know more about the company.

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