Director Bruno Pischiutta Holds Film Workshops for Learners

Bruno Pischiutta
Bruno Pischiutta

After a stint in the thick of the entertainment world, Director Bruno Pischiutta has decided to offer his expertise for training the aspiring pros. His new passion: Teaching.

These days, besides his routine professional chores, Bruno is running the International Film Workshops for students in Brasov, Romania.

He is carrying out this activity under the Brasov Film Center.

As RMN Stars decided to explore more on this endeavor, the RMN Stars managing editor Rakesh Raman asked him a slew of questions in an exclusive interview.

Here’s the response from Bruno Pischiutta.

1. What are the main objectives of International Film Workshops offered by Brasov Film Center?

It is a principal goal of our Studio to create, in Transylvania, a film industry that could compete internationally. The main objective of the Workshops is to give to talented, selected young people of Transylvania the necessary theoretical knowledge to start a film career, at international level, as film actors, film writers, film directors and film producers.

Students from other countries are also welcome to the Workshops so that the students from Transylvania have the possibility to directly know different ways in which film careers are developed in different countries. It is also our goal to give to some young people from Transylvania the possibility to excel worldwide in the film industry.

A successful internatinal film Studio should create films that excel internationally and should be able to create also Star film actors, Star film directors, Star film writers and Star film producers.

2. What are your selection and certification processes for the aspiring students?

The workshops are made for talented young people from Transylvania and from other countries. The students are sending us a pre-application where they include their personal data, their resume and a letter addressed to me in which they explain their motivations.

I interview personally, whenever I can, the students from Transylvania and I interview the students from other countries via phone or Skype. I admit to the Workshops only students that, at my judgment, have the possibility to succeed in an international film career. Considering that most of the students are minors, whenever possible, I interview also their parents.

From the first day of the Workshops, Daria Trifu and I study the students’ behavior, their attendance and their general participation and understanding of the issues and the topics that are discussed in the sessions. The final certification is reflecting all these elements.

3. How do you cover the theoretical and practical aspects of training?

The Workshops consist of 33 hours of lessons and conversations on topics that are essential for commencing an international career in the film disciplines of acting, directing, producing and writing.

The possibility, offered to the students, to attend the screenings of the 11 films of the Festival (Brasov International Film Festival) and the parties that often follow the screenings complement the theoretical sessions.

Often international film personalities address the students during the sessions and, during the parties, the students may meet film personalities related to the films presented at the Festival and they have, in this way, a concrete possibility to start networking.

The practical training does not take place during the Workshops but immediately after, when the students start to work in their first film.

4. As entertainment markets are undergoing a paradigm shift where the content production, distribution, and monetization processes are evolving dramatically, do you cover the contemporary processes in your program?

Absolutely. If it is true that the Workshops are just theoretical, it is also true that, in the sessions, the international film industry and the business of film are widely discussed.

Furthermore priority is given to every practical suggestion that can be helpful, for the students, to start their film career. The theory aims to develop in each student a film personality with the basis for a complete knowledge of the industry.

5. How do you help the students – who complete your Workshops – progress in their careers?

To the best students that are interested in acting we propose a contract with our Talent Agency and a contract in our next film. The best students who are interested in writing could collaborate in editing the next script or could be helped in writing their first screenplay.

Students who like to direct and produce will be normally proposed to be assistant director and/or assistant producer in the next film we produce. These are all paid jobs and, in this way, they all can have a real film experience and access to the IMDB.

6. How do you propose to transform this training program in the coming years?

The Workshops are a good initiative for the talents, they are completely free and they have created many successful stories: Daria Trifu started her film career attending my Workshop, years ago, in Toronto (Canada).

They represent for me a sensible effort; probably this is the last year when I can directly hold the Workshops, considering my age.

Unfortunately the Workshops today can be attended only by a very small number of students.

Last year we filmed all the 33 hours of the sessions and we intend to produce, as soon as possible:

a) a DVD set with the whole Workshops recorded;

b) a book with the transcript of the whole Workshops.

The DVD set and the book could be produced in several languages and give, in this way, access to the Workshops to many young talent worldwide who do not have the material possibility to attend the sessions in person.

Bruno Pischiutta (pictured above) is the artistic consultant of Brasov International Film Festival & Market, along with his other roles in the film industry.

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