BAFTA Committee Chairs and Deputy Chairs Elected

Anne Morrison
Anne Morrison

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) has announced the newly elected chairs and deputy chairs of its Sector Committees (Film, Television, and Games), who will also sit on the Academy’s Board of Trustees.

Anne Morrison continues as Chair of the Academy for the remainder of her two-year term alongside Jane Lush, who was elected to Deputy Chair.

The results of the Sector Committee chair and deputy chair elections are as follows. Pippa Harris has been elected as Chair of the Film Committee, having held the position of Deputy Chair for four years.

Pippa serves alongside Marc Samuelson, who has been elected as Deputy Chair. Krishnendu Majumdar has been elected as Chair of the Television Committee alongside Emma Morgan, who has been elected as Deputy Chair.

Harvey Elliott enters the second half of his two-year term as Chair of the Games Committee. All Sector Committee chairs and deputy chairs are Directors of the Academy, and sit on the Board of Trustees.

BAFTA’s Board of Trustees comprises:

Chair of the Academy: Anne Morrison

Deputy Chair of the Academy: Jane Lush

Chair, Film Committee: Pippa Harris

Deputy Chair, Film Committee: Marc Samuelson

Chair, Television Committee: Krishnendu Majumdar

Deputy Chair, Television Committee: Emma Morgan

Chair, Games Committee: Harvey Elliott

Chair, Learning & Events Committee: Sara Putt

Two co-opted Trustees: Medwyn Jones, Samir Shah

BAFTA’s Sector Committees recommend to the Board of Trustees how best to carry out the Academy’s mission in their respective industry sectors, while the Board itself manages the business of the Academy and is the ultimate authority on its affairs.

A full list of Sector Committee and Board of Trustee members can be found here.

The elections follow BAFTA’s recently published Review of the Year, which looks back at the charity’s activities and achievements of the past 12 months.

The Review, supported with a short video, covers everything from its annual awards ceremonies to its learning events programme and new talent initiatives.


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