Steven Rumbelow Joins TVtibi as Producer of Original Content

Steven Rumbelow
Steven Rumbelow

Steven Rumbelow, a director of Renegade Motion Pictures and executive producer of The Griffin Group, has joined as a producer of original content for TVtibi, a TV content distribution service.

The TVtibi service is being run by Ready, Set, Sync! Inc., which promises to bring entertainment content to connected devices such as a mobile, tablet, computer, or a TV.

“The focus of TVtibi is quality of content,” said Steven Rumbelow. “As producer of original content I know the demand for supply is high.”

Explaining the idea behind TVtibi, Rumbelow says the viewing habits have changed and we are no longer all gathering around the TV at home to watch content. Now people are watching on the move on watches, tablets, phones, laptops, computers, and TVs.

TVtibi, he says, supplies a pipeline for content based on consumer freedom to rent anything, anywhere, on any device. The idea is to give the renters maximum freedom of both choice and mobility at an affordable price.

“Hubs such as TVtibi are the way of the future,” believes Rumbelow.

Rumbelow’s Renegade will continue producing content under his direction.

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