The Cyberchase Movie to Premiere on PBS KIDS

The Cyberchase Movie
The Cyberchase Movie

As people celebrate Earth Month this April, a popular PBS KIDS math series is celebrating its 100th episode with an eco-themed adventure: “The Cyberchase Movie.”

Guest star Rico Rodriguez (Manny from Modern Family) joins Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Gottfried when the first-ever movie from Cyberchase, the Emmy Award-winning series produced by Thirteen, airs this April on PBS stations.

It will also be available online at and on the go with the free PBS KIDS Video App following the premiere.

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The future of Cyberspace is at stake in the one-hour special, “The Cyberchase Movie.” Hacker and his bumbling henchbots Buzz and Delete are drilling inside the nature preserve Ecotopia when they carelessly set off a slime geyser, destroying many animals’ habitats and causing overcrowding.

Matt, Jackie, Inez and Digit are called in to rescue the animals and restore harmony to Ecotopia. They team up with Ollie (voiced by Rodriguez), a Junior Ranger, and quickly learn that harmony on Ecotopia isn’t their only problem.

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Can the kids restore Ecotopia, rescue their friends and prevent Cyberspace from being lost to Hacker forever?

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“The Cyberchase Movie” will premiere Tuesday, April 15, at 4:30 p.m. on Thirteen in New York. Parents can check listings for their local PBS station for broadcast times in their area and can also stream episodes for free anytime using the PBS KIDS Video Player, the PBS KIDS Video App or the Cyberchase website.

Cyberchase has also created a series of real-world games exploring the environmental topics of keystone species, waste reduction and solar power, available for families to print and play at home at

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