The Jacket: A Documentary on Racism Goes to Indiegogo

The Jacket: A Documentary on Racism
The Jacket: A Documentary on Racism

In many ways, retired Lt. Col. Alexander Jefferson (USAF) was fighting a fierce battle before, during and after his days as a fighter pilot in World War II.

Jefferson, 92, was shot down during a mission and spent nine months in Stalag Luft III, a Nazi P.O.W. camp and location of “The Great Escape.”

It’s a story of bravery, perseverance and character. When he wasn’t fighting for his country, “Jefferson was battling racism in his country.”

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Mike Rott, owner of Dynasty Media Network in Ferndale, Mich., is in the process of making a documentary about Lt. Col. Jefferson’s life and legacy.

Titled The Jacket: The True Story of a Second Class Hero, this film recalls his trials and tribulations from early childhood racism in America, to his segregated military experience and overseas combat deployment in WWII.

While in Germany, Jefferson came face to face with racism of another type, the Holocaust. He tells of his traumatic walk through Dachau Concentration Camp, two days after its liberation by General Patton’s Third Army.

Alex and medals.
Alex and medals.

Jefferson was a member of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American military aviators in the United States armed forces. He put his life on the line in WWII, only to be met with bigotry and hatred upon his return. In a chilling narrative from the film, he recalls the day of his arrival from overseas deployment in 1945.

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Rott’s company has funded the film so far but needs an additional $150,000 to complete the project as a feature documentary. In order to generate this capital, Rott has launched an Indiegogo campaign.

You can learn more about Dynasty Media Network, at the company’s website.

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