Dentsu Seeks Partners for Japanese Comedy “YO-Kai Watch”

Japanese Comedy "YO-Kai Watch"
Japanese Comedy “YO-Kai Watch”

The Japanese comedy-adventure TV show – YO-Kai Watch — will be represented by Dentsu Entertainment USA, Inc. throughout the Americas.

It was announced Tuesday by Mr. Yuma Sakata, president and CEO, Dentsu Entertainment USA, Inc. The company is currently seeking both broadcast and merchandising partners in these geographic markets.

In January of 2014, YO-Kai Watch debuted on TV Tokyo, targeting both boys and girls. The property, which adds a strong dose of comedy to the adventure theme, had originally been a manga comic in the Shogakukan Monthly CoroCoro Comic Magazine as a serial story, and continues to be published there.

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“YO-Kai Watch is high quality story-telling and animation at its very best,” said Sakata.

The yo-kai are a category of spirit entities in Japanese folklore, ranging from friendly to malevolent. The YO-Kai Watch tale begins as a curious ten-year-old boy frees Whisper, a ghost-butler yo-kai, from 190 years of imprisonment.

In gratitude, Whisper pledges to protect the boy from supernatural challenges, and gifts him with a magical tool, which allows the youth to see other yo-kai. The young boy and Whisper, together with another yo-kai spirit, Jibanyan the twin-tailed cat, engage with some of the yo-kai spirits, in this ongoing comedic adventure.

Dentsu Entertainment USA, Inc. was formed in 2010 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Dentsu Inc., which is a leading advertising agency brand, and a leading producer of Japanese animation.

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