Godi Media = Virodhi Media. How YouTube Channels Spread Hate in India

Godi Media vs. Virodhi Media 2023 Research Report
Godi Media vs. Virodhi Media 2023 Research Report

Godi Media = Virodhi Media. How YouTube Channels Spread Hate in India

Excerpts from Godi Media vs. Virodhi Media 2023 Research Report 

The Virodhi media runs very crude channels that lack content, discipline, and skills, although their number is growing rapidly on YouTube. There are less than 10 visible Virodhi media channels and all of them operate in Hindi language.

While the Godi media on regular TV channels runs Hindu-Muslim hate programs, the Virodhi media on YouTube usually makes programs that increase Muslim-Hindu animosity. In other words, both Godi media and Virodhi media spread flagrant hate with their content.

Their sensational YouTube thumbnail headlines have no basis at all and the Virodhi media programs never answer the questions put in their headlines. They hold monotonous discussions with repeated assertions which are not connected with the topic they announce in the headlines.

There has been a rapid horizontal and vertical expansion of YouTube Virodhi media outlets owned by so-called senile journalists who are mostly retired, thrown out of their jobs, worked at very low-level jobs in newspapers, magazines, TV, or failed in their previous professions.

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In fact, there is hardly any new content in the Virodhi media programs which look like carbon copies of each other. With misleading thumbnails (see screenshots in the research report), they repeat their anti-Modi rhetoric without any logic and openly praise Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in almost every sentence.  

The anchors as well as the participants lift ideas from single tweets or random newspaper reports and beat around the bush without making any sense in their programs. 

Since most of the Virodhi media content on YouTube dishonestly supports opposition party Congress or its leader Rahul Gandhi and condemns PM Modi, there is a possibility that Congress is secretly funding these Virodhi media channels to spread hatred against Modi and his party BJP.

An independent inspection of Virodhi media channels can reveal the truth of their performance related to subscribers, views, comments, and so on. Since there is no mechanism to audit their claims, they will keep misleading the content consumers who come to them because they do not like Godi media channels.

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