Fiat Releases “Godzilla Craves Italian” TV Commercial

Fiat "Godzilla Craves Italian" TV Commercial
Fiat “Godzilla Craves Italian” TV Commercial

Leading up to the May 16, 2014, release of Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ epic action adventure “Godzilla,” Fiat Brand North America launches a new commercial across television on Monday, May 5.

The 30-second spot features Godzilla rampaging through an American city, targeting anyone driving a Fiat vehicle.

The visual effects were created by the visual effects house Moving Picture Company (MPC), the team responsible for bringing Godzilla to life in the film.

The commercial begins airing across television Monday (5/ 5), with a special extended “Director’s Cut” available for viewing at

“As one of the year’s most anticipated films prepares to hit movie screens, we wanted to think big like the Fiat 500L, and what’s bigger than ‘Godzilla,'” said Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer, Chrysler Group LLC. and Fiat Group Automobiles head of Fiat Brand.

The new commercial unleashes Godzilla on the streets of a major city, where he devours a number of Fiat 500 vehicles. A helicopter hovers overhead, and a yellow four-door Fiat 500L zips through the streets below unsuccessfully trying to evade Godzilla’s path.

But Godzilla gets much more than he bargained for with the Fiat 500L when he scoops it up! Godzilla is back! “And it looks like he’s craving Italian!”

The 30-second commercial was created in partnership with Dallas-based The Richards Group.

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