The Past Tense Waiting for Bright Future

The Past Tense
The Past Tense

Yes, the future for the film The Past Tense will be bright if it could raise sufficient community funds and complete the film successfully. The project has already kicked off a fund-raising campaign on the crowdfunding platform Rockethub.

The Past Tense is stated to be a comedy film set in the year 1990 about a professor who builds a time-machine from a loan shark who wants his money back. The entire film is shot in Toronto, Canada.

The film is written and directed by William Conrad who manages a review site called Indy Red for independent films and web series. It is being produced by filmmaker Pavan Sharma who operates a production house in Toronto under the banner, A Slice of Fried Gold.

Steve Kasan, an actor in Toronto, is managing The Past Tense project with support from his team members.

“At the moment, we have shot 50% of the film and are having an online fundraising campaign to raise funds and finish the rest of it,” says Steve Kasan.

Starring Cassie Podor, Dan Bertolini, Darrin Drugan, Phi Huynh, and Steve Kasan, The Past Tense is trying to raise $63,000 from its Rockethub campaign, which ends on June 7, 2014.

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