Lionsgate Befit Channel Offers Original Fitness Programming

Lionsgate Befit Channel
Lionsgate Befit Channel

Lionsgate BeFit Channel, an ad-supported one-stop shop for free fitness programming, offers original content on various topics.

These include weight loss, workout systems, cardio, HIIT (high intensity interval training), yoga, Pilates, dance and muscle building from different fitness experts and up-and-coming trainers.

Officially recognized as the leading channel in the “Workouts, Wellness and Weightlifting Lineup,” BeFit is among the top 1% of YouTube channels in the Google Preferred Program, according to Lionsgate.

The BeFit multi-channel network has added new channel partners. Building on the programming from partners such as Scott Herman, network newcomers include fitness expert Courtney Prather, dance expert Sydney Benner, Yoga expert Kino MacGregor and The Booty Barre founder Tracey Mallett.

“Our mission is to provide ‘Workouts that Work,’ available to everyone, anywhere at any time,” said Kajsa Vikman, SVP of Marketing and general manager of BeFit.

Adding to its “30-Day Fitness” series, BeFit continues to create original programs for online fitness consumers.

Lionsgate is a leading global entertainment company with a diversified presence in motion picture production and distribution, television programming and syndication, home entertainment, family entertainment, digital distribution, new channel platforms and international distribution and sales.

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